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Ext: 17000
I'm away
Expert in clairvoyance, numerology and intuitive Tarot reading.
Ext: 17301
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I have been giving detailed readings for more than 25 years.
Love Goddess
Ext: 17306
I'm away
I am a true healer. Don't be surprised if my guides speak directly through me to you.
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Mediums Letting go can be hard, we can help.
Gone but not forgotten.
Psychic Medium
Psychic Mediums are people who have the extraordinary ability to sense those souls that have crossed over to the other side. Depending on the mediums ability they can use one or a combination of the five senses to communicate with those spirits. Each of these senses help the medium to correctly identify the spirit they are communicating with as well as pass along any messages they might have.

Mediumship is a very delicate skill that has been used for a very long time to give us peace and comfort after the passing of a loved one. Contacting this spirit world can provide a number of benefits to those of us left behind. With the help of a psychic medium we can reunite with the spirits of family members and friends to help us gain closure and move on with our own lives. Time does not exist in the spirit world so it does not matter if it takes us 20 days or 20 years to be ready to reach out to them, they'll be waiting.

Mediums give us the ability to receive messages and information from the spirit world and can let us know that they are always there with us. These messages can also be a very important part of the healing process, perhaps the loss was unexpected and therefore there are many things that were left unsaid.

It is important to note that the medium has no influence over the spirit world and can only communicate with those who initiate a connection to them. There are many reasons for a lack of communication with someone specific so please do not take it personally and there is no reason that you cannot try again in the future.

It is never easy losing anyone who we have shared our lives with and sometimes moving on without them is difficult to even imagine let alone doing. A psychic medium can help give you that little nudge you need in the right direction to get back up and moving again and transition from mourning someone daily to celebrating their lives and the time you got to spend with them.
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