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At FateFinders.com we appreciate all of our callers, not just the new ones like a lot of the other psychic networks do. Sure you can talk to one of their psychics for $1/minute for your first call but after that it can be anywhere from $5-$15 per minute!!

We do not think that is very fair and we prefer to keep it simple FOR EVERYONE. Not only do we have a very low price of just $3.49/minute for ALL of our wonderful psychics ALL the time but we also like to give away free minutes as rewards to ALL our valued callers.

Just scroll down and see what kind of promotions you can be eligible for.
New Caller Promotion
This promotion is used for all new callers.....well just new phone numbers anyways. Whether you have called 0 times or 100 times, if the phone number you are calling from is not already in our system then 3 free minutes will be applied to that call. So go ahead, call from your land line and then call from your cell or vice versa, it doesn't matter to us.
Requirements: You must call from a phone number that has never called in to our system before.

Sign up for a FateFinders.com Account
At FateFinders.com we love to give away free minutes and the best way for you to get those minutes is to have a FateFinders.com account. Having an account will get you the inside track to all of our exclusive promotions. As a bonus we're going to give you 3 free minutes just for signing up. That's it, no strings attached or hoops to jump through, signing up gets you 3 free minutes that can be used right away.

Also, to save you the hassle of signing up for multiple accounts to get this promotion each phone number you add to your account will also get this promotional offer for 3 free minutes automatically.
Requirements: Sign up for a FateFinders.com Account - sign up here

At FateFinders.com we want to reward our loyal callers by giving them an opportunity for free minutes just like our new callers. Every time you talk to one of our gifted psychics for 45 minutes you will get 3 free minutes on your next call after redeeming this promotion.

This promotion is retroactive so if you have called many times before you will be able to get 3 free minutes for every block of 45 minutes that you have used in the past.

Note: This is not automatic, you must manually redeem this promotion on the site before making your next call.
Requirements: Must have a current FateFinders.com account - sign up here

Help us help everyone
Help us help everyone by rating and reviewing any of our gifted psychic advisers. Reviews can help people find that special connection that is needed with a psychic for the best readings possible. It also helps us to ensure that all of our psychics are keeping up with our highest standards of quality and professionalism.

You can only rate and review psychics you have talked to.

Note: Because all of our reviews go through our quality assurance team this promotion is not a real time promotion and may take 1-2 business days to be reflected in your account.
Requirements: Must have a current FateFinders.com account - sign up here

Our Psychics
Jasmine Starr
Ext: 19523
I'm available
Jasmine_Starr has been giving detailed Psychic readings since 1995. She has a four year degree in Ps
Ext: 19520
I'm away
Arielle provides Tarot readings that offer insight and guidance to people experiencing relationship,
Love Angel
Ext: 19519
I'm away
Answers through the memories of the soul and Angelic Realms
Love Goddess
Ext: 17306
I'm away
I am a true healer. Don't be surprised if my guides speak directly through me to you.
Psychic Laurie
Ext: 26023
I'm away
I am down to earth and believe in a certain way to share my spiritual clairvoyant qualities.
Ext: 16035
I'm away
A spiritual counselor who assists his clients to find answers through their Higher Selves.
Ext: 17451
I'm away
I welcome you to an unusual World of Spiritual and Psychic Knowledge.
Higher Mind Mama
Ext: 17477
I'm away
Higher Mind Mama focuses on astronumerology readings that help people with their health and wellness
Ext: 17848
I'm away
I was born sensitive to Universal Energies and have honed them over my life-time.
Great Psychics + Free Minutes = Happier You
* Free 3 minute offer applies to first time callers or those who have redeemed any promotional offers Price is only $3.49 per minute thereafter.
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